the barn

there’s an old barn that i pass in my comings and goings. it has stood for many years, weathered silver, sun washed, and critter chewed

this old barn witnessed feast and famine, marriages, births and deaths. generations labored within her walls and under her roof, while the sound of children’s laughter floated on the breeze

one morning, i noticed part of the barn had collapsed. perhaps there had been a storm that went unnoticed by most; the old barn stood in silent evidence of the storm’s path

some supporting structure had given way, and now the old girl listed and sagged…yet she stood, as she had been well and strongly built

over time, she withstood rains and winds… and now and then a bit would slough off…

and though she bent to the strength of the storms, she was stronger…as she was still standing

the other day i passed by, and noticed the old barn had fallen, crumpled, giving way to powers so strong that she was pulled to the earth, where all things return in the end

that was the day you also gave way to the storms you withstood and defied for years, my boy, my son

you taught us to be strong. you taught us to love without reservation, to give freely without return…and you taught us there is always joy amid sadness


4 thoughts on “the barn

  1. Jean, I too lost a son. If there is anything you need to talk about you can always call. My heart is aching for what you are going thru! This the barn is such a beautiful tribute! Know that he walks whole in the light of heaven with the Lord❤️✝️ God may have him in heaven but you still have him in your heart ❤️


  2. That is beautiful, so sad yet beautiful.
    I know the pain you are feeling as I have felt it too. There is no other pain than the pain of loosing a child.
    My prayers are with you and your family. Life will never be the same again, not for Sam and not for you. Sam is running streets of gold, dancing and rejoicing. You dear lady, are one of the strongest ladies I know. You will go on to help others deal with the hardships you have known in Sams honor. Both are beautiful paths to take until both paths intersect again. The day will come when you meet again on the same path. Until then be strong, God has great things planned for you.


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