people often describe angels…the ones too good for earthly life, that God wanted back

with wings, and harps, and halos they flutter above the pearly gates, welcoming new arrivals

or those who perch precariously on car bumpers and motorcycle handlebars, guarding teens from certain maiming…

or who spend long nights hovering over babes in cradles, lest a cat smother them…

but I have seen real angels…they are in hospital cafeterias offering to buy coffee or a meal

they cheerfully mop around the feet of exhausted parents, and offer pleasantries as if this is…normal

they smile, and speak to complete strangers, open doors, and hold elevators for weary families

they hover at the bedside of patients for long, thankless hours…i’m sure they hear the unspoken gratitude on silent lips

they entertain children of those waiting for devastating news…hearing of heartbreak or shock, offering a hug, or a tissue, or a listening ear

many angels wear loose clothing, some with colorful patterns… their hair is pulled back above a collection of totems and assorted amulets they wear around their necks

though they differ in appearance and function, they share one thing…they love, unconditionally, unendingly, and without expectation of return


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